Discover your strengths & potential through neuroscience

Our neuroscience-based games give you insight about your
aptitude, unique personality, and your optimal team fits.
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Find the right career for your brain.

The Prophecy Sciences assessment leverages the power of cutting-edge neuroscience research to identify your cognitive strengths, your personality tendencies, and your ideal work environment. Your results are just a few fun games away.


Each game is based on a different subfield of neuroscience, which allows us to provide you a complete and detailed profile.


We calculate your Prophecy IQ and EQ, which characterize your cognitive and interaction styles, respectively.


We show you which careers you have the strongest cognitive and personality match for and why.

Measure and optimize team chemistry.

Assign tasks according to group strengths.We help you understand the cognitive diversity of your team.
Devote development resources where they're needed most.You'll be able to catch potential problems before they start.
Identify ideal group configurations.Productive teams are happy teams!
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Dive deeper with Prophecy Premium

We use small but powerful sensors to measure your physiological responses while playing our games.
These responses reveal new and more detailed information about your cognition and personality.
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